Becky Harding

Vice President, Communications and Development

Becky Harding is the Vice President of Communications and Development at Junior Achievement of Utah. Becky directs JA communications along with managing JA’s STEM initiative. She engages industry sponsors—(e.g., Best Buy’s Geek Squad Summer Academy and the Discovery Channel)— to complement JA’s in-class programs by exposing students to a wide variety of careers with the goal of giving them a taste of the world of possibilities out there, sparking their interest, and preparing them for successful entry into a satisfying career.

Becky initiated and has directed JA’s career fair program for the last five years, taking volunteers and career professionals into schools in San Juan County’s Navajo Reservation. She is also responsible for the Utah Business Hall of Fame program.

Becky has a BA in English from the University of Utah with a secondary teaching certificate. She taught English in public middle schools and high schools, and taught all subjects in an alternative school for dropout students. She is also the cofounder and curriculum developer for Shifting Gears with Shakespeare, an innovative approach to teaching cognitive behavior skills to inmates and at-risk students.