Junior Achievement is important to me because it has reminded me of how important service is. Junior Achievement has allowed me to give back and make an impact in the lives of children. I grew up pretty poor and I also attended a title I school. I still remember the volunteers that would come to my elementary school and donate their time and supplies to us. They inspired me to reach for greater heights and to achieve something in my life. That’s all I hope to do when I volunteer with Junior Achievement. I hope I can inspire at least one child to reach their true potential by spending time with them. I hope I can at least plant the seed, and give them something they can remember when they grow older and decide to pursue their goals. – Miguel, Student & Volunteer

JA is offering an amazing experience to students and volunteers! The volunteers have an opportunity to see the awesome potential of our future leaders – and students get to see adults as resources and mentors beyond just the parent/teacher experience. – Mark Hiskey, JA City Volunteer

Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to spend an amazing time with Miss Hannah’s 4th grade class. I was very impressed with the engagement and participation of all students. I also wanted to congratulate Junior Achievement for a great curriculum and materials. Thanks again for the opportunity and for reaching my employer, Zions Bank, with the opportunity to volunteer, it is always an honor to represent Zions Bank. – Luz Escamiilla, In-Class Volunteer

I absolutely loved this experience! I noticed at first they were asking, later they started making their own decisions. The ‘flip’ was amazing!  – LeAnna Axelgard, JA City Volunteer

What a wonderful experience for the kids and adults, too! I don’t think the kids were the only ones learning today . . .  everyone needs to experience this! – Christy Salazar, JA City Volunteer

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Guadalupe School, I’d like to extend a special THANK YOU to Junior Achievement for introducing the importance of business principles to our students. Your continuous help and support makes a difference. – Jack Elizondo, Board President, Guadalupe School

I was there on the day my daughter was at JA City as the CEO of KSL.  I appreciated the confidence it gave her and the way it empowered her.  For her to feel like she was really the CEO of KSL was so cool.  They really feel like they are running a business.  They feel the intensity and it transfers over to their real life. – Vance Checketts, Parent, Dell EMC

I was thrilled she could see and get just a taste of the real world. In our house we emphasize work and all the kids have jobs, but there’s nothing like the hands-on experience of seeing how if someone doesn’t get their job done, how that piles up work on her desk. And I was thrilled to see my daughter involved in an organization run primarily by woman.” – Sid Krommenhoek, Parent, Peak Ventures

It was wonderful!  The Fidelity Job Shadow is by far my favorite experience with the students!  I had really good feedback from the students who attended that they really enjoyed their time and the information was very beneficial! – J. Riches, Teacher, Cottonwood High School

What an awesome place! My daughter learned more in a day here than I could teach in any other way! I wish I had had this as a kid. So fun to see all the kids step up and be exited to take on adult roles and responsibilities.  – Catherine Diede,  JA City Volunteer

Everything was so amazing! It was fascinating to see how well every system has been set up to function in a way that the kids can get real-world experience and interactions. The full-time facilitators made everything so understandable and were so professional yet approachable. I think the only thing the kids wished was different is that they had more time! – Volunteer, Centerville Elementary

This is our second year at JA City and it is exciting to see how much the kids take ownership and responsibility of their jobs. I love the way all the businesses have a product to sell. Thank you all for making this happen!” – Ryan Rapier, Volunteer

I LOVED JA City. It was very fun and a good experience. I got a taste of what life will be like when I am grown up more. I want to do this again in eighth grade! – Lizzy, Student, Creekview Elementary

It’s interesting to see the different perspective kids have about budgeting and saving. This program offers all students to have an opportunity to learn these things whether they are taught in the home or not. – E*TRADE Volunteer, JA City

I had a great experience. It was fun to teach and the students were all very appreciative. I got several hugs, many thanks, and one kid that didn’t want me to leave. The curriculum being taught truly is important and needs to be communicated to young people everywhere to prepare them for the real life challenges they are sure to face. Thanks for your efforts in keeping this program going. – Kyler, Volunteer

Just wanted to thank you for the best JA day ever! My students and I had the best presenters, especially Mr. Lee Carter; he was absolutely amazing. My students were 100% on task, and thoroughly enjoyed his lesson presentation. I honestly thought that Mr. Carter being the bank president, would be less involved as a presenter, but he proved me wrong.  He practically addressed each one of my students by name; hand-shakes (fist-bumps?) and answering any and all questions.  I can’t express enough my gratitude for the experience of having an exceptional presenter, a bank president even, for being a gracious and compassionate person in giving his time and energy to present a great lesson to my students in a most exciting, impressive and interesting manner.  Thank you. – Lima Mulitalo, Teacher, Whittier Elementary

I am very pleased to hear that you are planning on presenting the lessons to my class. Over the years, your organization has been instrumental in providing much-needed instruction from a reputable source outside of the traditional education field.  My students may or may not have come to realize that a successful career and business relationships are essential for networking opportunities that may lead to the ideal positions of financial security that we all aspire to reach. I have been working with my students in order to prepare them for your curriculum materials and the training that opens their minds to future goal-setting and achievement opportunities. A sincere thank you again for spending your time and sharing your talents with us. – Teacher,  Stansbury Elemenatry 6th grade

I won’t be able to graduate with my class, but am I determined to get my GED after attending this Job Shadow event and learning about the possibilities of a career at AT&T. – Student, West Jordan High School

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great experience JA City is for kids. Our students got a real life example of what it takes to succeed. This is something that we as educators talk about a lot and try to give students, but it is difficult to do. JA City helps students see that what they are learning on a daily basis gives them the skills they will need for a job one day – we talk about this, but it is difficult for them to experience within classroom walls. Plus the students have a great time at JA City as you have incorporated many ways to make it fun. We really appreciate all you do for kids today and for their futures. – Tina West, Principal, Rosecrest Elementary

I have loved the experience of being in Junior Achievement. One of the reasons why is because it makes things that seem scary and difficult at first, seem easy and fun. I have also loved learning about new jobs and careers. Now I know there are more jobs out there than just being a doctor or a nurse. I am so grateful for this awesome opportunity! – McKaylee Little, Student

I just wanted to let you know how amazing the JA City event was today! My daughter is a 5th grader at Oakdale Elementary and this was my first experience volunteering with this program. I’m only disappointed that I don’t have more children that can take advantage of this wonderful and educational program. Everything from the morning training to the JA City Staff was superb.  Thank you so much for providing this program to the children of our community! – Michelle Kushlan, Parent Volunteer, JA City

Thank you for all your help and great organization.  The students really seemed to enjoy the experience and the parent volunteers did, too.  They all said what a valuable learning experience this was and wished more students had the opportunity to participate.   Thanks again to everyone for their kind support and willingness to help today’s students get a better grasp of tomorrow’s critical needs.  It’s not that far away!  –  Gloria Lloyd, Teacher, Rocky Mountain Middle School

We would like to tell you how much the students of West High School thoroughly enjoyed their AT&T Job Shadow day with you.  The sessions were so well designed for our students. Great energy and such good material that was so closely related to the students’ lives. Listening to the students on the return trip on the bus, we were so pleased to hear them talking specifically about the 5 behaviors you taught them. They really “got” the significance of these behaviors and several said that they would be using them in their interviews for summer jobs. We have been able to use the lesson on teamwork in our classrooms which has led to an actual improvement in group work. Wow! The West students really connected with the mentors and felt that they were treated more as colleagues than students. It was great watching specific students start the day intimidated and nervous and become outspoken and confident as the morning wore on. This was all due to the sensitivity and encouragement of the facilitators and mentors. The morning was a huge success and we very much hope that we can return next year. Thank you so much for a fun and worthwhile morning!” –  Susana Anderson and Valerie Gates, Teachers, West High School

Thank you for the invitation to visit Junior Achievement City. I enjoyed seeing the process as our students worked through their responsibilities and negotiated with each other over their duties. Our 5th grade had an outstanding experience there. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to help students see the upcoming challenges in their life. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great educational experience! -Sharyle Karren, Principal, Willow Springs Elementary

Thank you so much for all you do for our school. You are really helping to change lives. These are the events kids remember in their lives and it really makes an impact on them. You guys are so great! – Principal Kandace Barber, Kearns Junior High School

My principal recently told me the best story.  One of the Free Enterprise student’s parent, in an IEP conference (Individualized Education Plan) said that the Free Enterprise class was the only class he talked about. The parent said that the student wasn’t sure he wanted to graduate from high school but after taking the class and going to Finance Park things really turned around for him and he started doing better in all his classes.  He made the connection about staying in school and success.  I didn’t hear anything from the parent or student about this change but it sure made me feel good and should make you and the Junior Achievement staff feel good, too. Pretty amazing! – Gloria Lloyd, Teacher, & Justin Kelly, Principal, Rocky Mountain Middle School

My job was to pay the bills and make sure we had money for other things. It felt wonderful; like it was real, like I was my own boss and I owned the company. That’s when my dreams about being my own boss began! My day at JA City made we want to live well and be successful in life and have my own company. My favorite thing about JA City is it makes you see life in a different way. –Aranza, 5th Grade Student, Woodstock Elementary

As a teacher I am committed to having each student reach their highest potential and the Junior Achievement in-class curriculum and JA City experiential learning center contribute to that goal. Students are able to apply problem solving strategies discussed in class in a real life situation. Students, who perhaps are not successful in a classroom setting, often find achievement and satisfaction as they participate in JA programs. I appreciate the correlation and connection of the Junior Achievement programming to our Utah core standards. – Heidi Short, 5th Grade Teacher, Morgan Elementary

I love the JA Economics curriculum and have taught it for 14 years.  I have had so many students come back to visit and say their first Economics course at college was easy because of my class.  I appreciate having the opportunity to have such quality materials. – Joleen Cottrell, Teacher, Unitah High School, Vernal, Utah

Every year at Back-To-School Night I have parents approach me and ask what the date for Biz Town is because they want to make sure they are able to get that day off work. This experience has not only had a profound effect on our students, but on their parents. I am amazed of the ripple effect it creates. To this day I still have students from past years stop by to find out who was elected Mayor or who was the DJ. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are incredible!- De Ann Mueller, Teacher

It was a very fun, enlightening experience and I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the 1st grade students at Copperview Elementary. The kids truly seemed to benefit, and were sad that this was the last visit! They were engaged in the activities, and all of them participated each week. Ms. Butler was a pleasure to work with and she participated in the discussions as well – tying together what the students were currently working on in the classroom with the JA curriculum. Thank you for the opportunity! – Tammy Svedin, ADP

I just want to say that JA-in-a-Day was the most fun I have had in a long time. What a great experience! I was nervous to do it at first, because I’m not a “teacher” and I wasn’t sure if I could handle 30 3rd graders. But as soon as I walked into the room it was immediately comfortable and fun for everyone involved I think. Thanks for all of your work in organizing these. I think this is an invaluable program that does a lot of good for these kids – Jordan Wiemer, Goldman Sachs

When I went to JA City with my 5th grade class, it was the best field trip of my life! – Beth, JA City Student

I wanted to let you know we had a great time at JA City with the children from Granger Elementary. We were amazed at how effective and fun JA City was and to see how enthusiastic the kids were throughout the day. Word has spread quickly about the positive experience and we have been approached by three additional Bank employees who would like to volunteer! – Mark Fjeldsten, Enerbank, JA City Volunteer

JA efforts do make a difference to the students as well as the teachers. My son is a 4th grade teacher in a Title One school and it is a daunting task! Just this week he told me that his school was also receiving volunteer help through Junior Achievement and that the volunteer(s) did a really great job with his class.  Life is busy for all of us, but because my son is a school teacher and I know how helpful this can be I decided to MAKE time for it. I’m sure the volunteers get a lot out of it too, and I’m so proud of ADP for endorsing this program and allowing the associates an opportunity to support the community.  THANK YOU!!  – Lisa Woodbury, JA Volunteer, ADP National Account Services

Junior Achievement programs have a positive impact on students as it reinforces that we do need jobs to take care of our wants and needs. The children really enjoyed the interactive materials. It was good to reinforce concepts that we have already covered throughout the year, but in a valuable hands-on approach. – Teacher, Blessed Sacrament

JA Biztown has given my students the ability to dream. For our population sometimes life feels like everything is against them. I empowered one of my struggling students to a leadership role at Biztown. To my surprise the student not only matched the role but even exceeded his own expectations. Biztown has given him something that he couldn’t have gotten anyplace else. The ability to see his true potential. Thank you! That is debt he will spend the rest of his life enjoying to pay back. – Roger Armijo, Teacher, Spectrum Academy

I am so glad that I was able to go to JA City and be a part of a super cool day! The world around me makes a lot more sense now and I am excited to know more about what I need to be learning to do well in the future. Junior Achievement City was super cool and I hope that you can see how it changes lives! – Hannah, Student, Indian Hills Middle School

Thank you for the visit because it was a great experience for me and my friends. I think that it is way cool how there is a town just for kids. I will definitely want to come back in the 8th grade. It will help me in my future when all of that is real. That was great time. Keep up the great work! – Student, Summit Academy Elementary

JA City was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned that when you do something you love it’s not called a job, it’s called fun. I learned that to be able to work in my dream job, I must have an education so when the time comes to fulfill my dreams I will be ready. -Ashley Espinoza, Student, South Jordan Middle School

Junior Achievement gave me the opportunity to participate in the AT&T Job Shadow program. It gave me real life experience into the business world. You can’t get the same experience from reading a text book or watching a film. It was a great experience I won’t forget. – Chris Mebius, Student, Cottonwood High School

This field trip at JA City was unlike any other field trip I or the students have ever experienced. It was so wonderful to see my students, who make very little effort in class, approach their jobs with such earnestness and enthusiasm. The change in some of the students was so profound that as teachers we spent the entire day in awe of what our students were able to accomplish in so short a time period. It was wonderful to see some of the students who struggle so much at school excel in their jobs and love every minute of it. -Esther Barney, Teacher, Woodstock Elementary

Our experience was beyond our wildest expectations! I was gratified to hear the many positive comments from my students. They loved every minute of it! It was the closest approximation of ‘real life’ that they will come to, and it was great hearing a few kids comment that they couldn’t eat lunch because they were late in getting their deposits made to the bank and had to get back to work. Boy, if that isn’t real life, what is!? In my 16 years of teaching I have taken my students on various field trips, from the Utah Symphony to the Salt Lake landfill, and none have interested my students to the extent that JA City did. They are now looking ahead to adulthood with more confidence than they ever had. Wow, I just can’t wait until next year!” -Colleen Luck, Teacher, Woodstock Elementary

My son’s kindergarten class had the opportunity to have a volunteer from Junior Achievement visit his class a few times throughout the school year. It was so funny, after the first JA visit he came home and said, “Mom, I think it is time for you to give me some chores around the house. I need to start earning money so I can buy stuff!” It was the cutest thing. I had a good laugh since this was coming out of the mouth of a five year old. Thank you to Junior Achievement for your program, you have made an impact on my child’s life. -Parent, Woodstock Elementary

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