January is JA Alumni Month!

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Were you involved in Junior Achievement as a kid?  Were you a JA volunteer, teacher or board member?

Did JA make a difference in your life?

Each year, JA of Utah reaches nearly 85,000 students in Utah, but there is more that can be done. Junior Achievement’s programs are needed now more than ever; we want to share the success and impact stories of how JA made a difference in your life.

“Junior Achievement is important to me because it has reminded me of how   important service is. Junior Achievement has allowed me to give back and make an impact in the lives of children. I grew up pretty poor and I also attended a title I school. I still remember the volunteers that would come to my elementary school and donate   their time and supplies to us. They inspired me to reach for greater heights and to achieve something in my life. That’s all I hope to do when I volunteer with Junior Achievement. I hope I can inspire at least one child to reach their true potential by spending time with them. I hope I can at least plant the seed, and give them something they can remember when they grow older and decide to pursue their goals.” – Miguel, Student & Volunteer

We would love to reconnect with you and . . . .  Share Your JA Story!




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