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Students from West High School in Salt Lake and Mountain High School in Kaysville Participate in the AT&T Job Shadow Program

Junior Achievement Job Shadow Programs introduce students to careers through one-day, on-site orientations in the workplace. Students who participate benefit from an increased understanding of the education necessary to pursue 21st Century innovative-industry careers. These programs also augment school-based, work-based and connecting activities for communities with school-to-work initiatives.  Along with  augmenting school-based learning for communities with school-to-work initiatives, Job Shadow events prepare students to be entrepreneurial thinkers and encourage them to develop personal strategies to pursue lifelong learning and career opportunities.  We were so pleased to work with AT&T to bring this hands-on program to the students at West High School in February and Mountain High School in April.

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“I thought the information and knowledge shared in the “Interview Skills” session was very valuable for the students. You could tell they were interested in what was being taught because they were engaged and responsive to all questions and when they role played later in the session you could tell they had remember and put into practice what was taught.”  -Valerie Gates, Teacher, West High School

“This group of students was so attentive and fun to have at the Job Shadow. It was apparent that they appreciated being there because they asked lots of questions and made lots of comments. No one looked bored and uninterested. My favorite part of the Job Shadow was discussing the decisions the students were making in their lives and they seem to understand that they have potential to do whatever they want to in life by making better choices.”  -Whitney Poulsen, Connector (AT&T Employee)

“This Job Shadow was awesome! I like everything I learned and I am going to try and do better in school and make sure I hang out with better friends who can help me be a better person.” – Ortiz, Isela, Student, West High School

“The Job Shadow was AMAZING!  The students were so respectful and engaged in everything that was taught. The AT&T staff led some serious discussions with the students about their futures, emphasizing that the decisions they are making now will affect them the rest of their lives. The students really listened and some even admitted to some of the bad choices they were making and that they knew they needed to change. I honestly feel like that Job Shadow made a huge difference on many students lives today.” – Gayla Allen, Junior Achievement of Utah, Program Manager

“My favorite thing about the Job Shadow is how the people presented themselves.  They seemed professional but they were still fun and everyone had a good attitude. Sometimes things can get boring but they kept us all interested.  I have probably been through harder things than anyone else who came today and I learned from the stories that people shared, that my experiences, good or bad, can help me be a better person. My problems can make me stronger and better if I choose to let them.” – Mary Olivares, Student, Mountain High School

“My students really enjoyed going on the AT&T Job Mentoring field trip.  They learned about different options available to them at AT&T, and learned about basic job skills that will help them no matter where they choose to work.  It was really nice that the presenters were diverse, it made it easier for my students to relate because they are definitely not cookie cutter students.  They enjoyed that they went to different “classes” that helped them learn different skills or techniques to help them in the work place. One of the best presentations for my students was about building their personal brand, and if what their personal brand said right now was helping or hurting their goals.  It was also really good for them to practice interviewing for a job, and to better communicate with people.  One of the presentations talked about overcoming adversity, which was very pertinent for our students because most of them come from rough backgrounds.”- Jami Farner, Teacher, Mountain High School


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