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Delta Air Lines hosted Students from Granger High School or JA Job Shadow

JA Job Shadow is a hands-on program where organizations invite high school students to their place of business to the spend the day learning about not only the organization as a whole, but the variety of job and career opportunities available within that organization. They also share with the students the skills and education required to obtain those careers.  This unique opportunity opens students eyes to the many possibilities available and exposes them to careers that they may not have realized were possible. JA Job Shadow is truly an interactive and fun opportunity for students to start thinking about their futures.

At this Job Shadow, Granger High students were given the unique opportunity to tour one of Delta’s NBA Charter planes. Delta has seven planes that are in the NBA Charter fleet that are used solely for NBA teams flying around the country for games. These planes are modified to provide the extra leg room, fancy meals and huge (by airplane standards) restrooms for the basketball players. Delta let the students know that very few people are allowed on the airplanes, but Granger students had luck on their side!

Students also had a chance to visit the main Delta hanger and see a plane up on jacks and check out the deicing and snow removal equipment and were able to chat with the the paramedics, EMTs and firemen/women on site. They also had the chance to view the equipment that tower operators use and check out a 360-degree view of the runways. One of the favorite stops on the tour, besides the NBA bathroom, was the cockpit of the 757.

Thank you to Delta for making this event possible and giving Granger High students such a unique and unforgettable experience!



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