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Olympus High students experienced a sweet taste of entrepreneurship with the JA Company Program.

Students from Olympus High participated in Junior Achievement’s longest-running program, JA Company Program. The program is part of a blended-learning approach that offers groups of students the opportunity to understand the steps involved in launching their own businesses while learning the basics of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business success.

Students from Olympus set up a business selling donuts to the Olympus High student body and made the decision to donate all $500 of the proceeds raised to Primary Children’s Medical Center. Check out this fun advertisement students created to market their donuts and broadcast in the school news.

A special thanks to Patrick Healy, Olympus High teacher, and Mike Ezler, volunteer, for helping this amazing group of students find success in their entrepreneurial efforts!

JA Company Program is Junior Achievement’s longest running program, beginning in 1919 with the founding of the organization. Today, nearly half a million students globally flex their entrepreneurial spirit each year with JA Company Program.

“I enjoyed Junior Achievement.  I really liked how we were able to have a hands-on experience in the business world. I enjoyed being able to come up with an idea with my classmates and enjoyed having to solve issues with my team.” – Dino, Olympus Student

“Junior Achievement was a great learning experience.  It was fun to communicate with classmates that I don’t usually talk to and hear their opinions and listen to others’ ideas.  It was a fun and fascinating learning experience.” – Jared, Olympus Student

“My experience this semester with our involvement in the JA Company Program was illuminating. I was the CEO and learned important points about business, the operation of a company and I learned things I didn’t instinctively expect. I learned that every person has to do their job and that small details can make or break a sale; and you need responsible team members to help keep track of every necessary thing.  Although it was a small operation, it took a group effort to create success.” – Oliver, Olympus Student

“The Junior Achievement project was probably the best assignment we received in this course because of how applicable the information was.  Thanks to the project I was able to comprehend how a business can be started and managed more clearly. I really liked how each one of us had a responsibility to be accountable for because it never left anyone with the burden of completing the goals on their own.  The whole class acted as a team and it helped me understand the importance of team interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed this project; it was fun, interactive and gave me the drive to continue to learn more about the business world.” – Erick, Olympus Student

“Participating in the JA Company Program with Junior Achievement really helped me see how a small business runs and all the different components required to make it run smoothly.  It was a really fun activity and I think the whole process helped our class grow more closely together.  This project really sparked an interest in me for entrepreneurship and it’s something I will remember as I look back on my high school days.”  – Robbie, Olympus Student


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