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Junior Achievement USA®, in partnership with The Hartford, is supporting the reimagined JA Company Program®  for the 2015-2016 school year to provide aspiring teen entrepreneurs with the skills and real-world experience to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The updated JA Company Program, redesigned last year, includes 13 new modular experiences as part of a blended-learning approach that offers groups of students the opportunity to understand the steps involved in launching their own businesses while learning the basics of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business success.

The sessions contain interactive content, including vodcasts led by subject matter experts that explore concepts such as brainstorming a product or service. Lessons also discuss the importance of conducting market research to refine the product or service to meet consumers’ evolving needs.  The new JA Company Program gives students the opportunity to play a greater leadership role in the process with volunteers encouraging them to find their voice and spark the entrepreneurial spirit. They have the opportunity to apply concepts used by this generation’s entrepreneurs, such as e-commerce and crowd-funding.

The 13-week after-school program divides each session into two parts: “Company Ops” and “Deeper Dive.” Students report on progress and accomplish learning objectives during “Company Ops” and participate in a more robust learning experience, either individually or in groups, to challenge themselves to push further during “Deeper Dive.” Click here to see JA Company Program in action.

The revised JA Company Program is the result of a $1.5 million investment from The Hartford to support 100,000 students through Junior Achievement. The Hartford’s commitment supports its Communities with HART ongoing efforts to encourage the well-being of America’s communities by enabling today’s small businesses to grow and inspiring a new generation of small business leaders.

“The Hartford is proud to partner with Junior Achievement and serve as the title sponsor of its flagship JA Company Program,” said The Hartford’s Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Swift. “We encourage the students of today to become the successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow, a commitment that grows out of our passion for helping small businesses prevail.”

This spring students from Olympus High and UMA (Utah Military Academy) participated in the new JA Company Program thanks to sponsorships by The Hartford and Ernst and Young.  UMA students produced and sold dog tags as part of their project and made a wonderful YouTube video to market their product.  (You can view the video here.)  Olympus High students produced and sold shirts to the Olympus student body with the help of Board Member Greg Reed and additional volunteers from Security Service Federal Credit Union.

JA Company Program is Junior Achievement’s longest running program, beginning in 1919 with the founding of the organization. Today, nearly half a million students globally flex their entrepreneurial spirit each year with JA Company Program.

Students from Olympus High participated in the JA Company Program selling t-shirts to the Olympus student body.

Olympus 1

Students from UMA produced and sold dog tags for their JA Company project.

UMA Web Pic

Watch the UMA marketing video!

YouTube Video

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