Where Students are Adults for the Day!

Spencer F. Eccles Junior Achievement City (JA City) will host nearly 15,000 fifth and eighth grade students from schools throughout Utah during the 2016-2017 school year. JA City is located in Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, in downtown Salt Lake City, and is home to over 20 storefronts sponsored by local businesses. Students bring this 10,000 square foot learning facility to life as they operate banks, manage restaurants, vote for JA City Mayor, develop working budgets and manage their business and personal finances. Students think creatively, demonstrate personal responsibility, solve problems and attain their goals in this one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience!

JA Biz Town – 5th Grade Program

The JA City 5th grade program combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to this fully-interactive simulated town facility. The program helps students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world. Through daily lessons, hands-on activities and active participation in running the City, students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and their successful participation in a worldwide economy. During their day at JA City, students work as employees in various businesses (facilitated by volunteer educators and business professionals), they are paid for their labor and they manage personal checking accounts. Throughout the day, students also learn about time and money management skills as they work, bank and shop as consumers.  JA City helps prepare students for a lifetime of learning and academic achievement.

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Finance Park – 8th Grade Program

JA Finance Park is a four-week economics education program for middle grade students that introduces personal financial planning and career exploration. At the culmination of this program, students visit JA Finance Park and put into practice what they’ve learned about economic options and the principles of budgeting. Assisted by their teachers and a staff of trained volunteers, they have the opportunity to actually develop and commit to a personal budget.

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